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You can advertise jobs on the website and also advertise in MELTA News, which is published three times a year.

Jobs on the website

An ad on the MELTA jobs page costs €60. Members pay half-price, € 30. If you are not a member of MELTA and would like to join, then please click here. Schools and other organisations are eligible for membership.

Generally, your ad will be posted within 24 hours. It will appear indefinitely until you ask to grey it out.


You will be sent an invoice for the amount. Please be advised that if you fail to pay, your ad will be removed and you will not be allowed to post any more ads on the MELTA jobs page.

You can also pay by PayPal. Here's how.
IMPORTANT, if you leave this page for the PayPal page, don't forget to come back and complete this page and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Guidelines for posting ads

Here are some guidelines for formulating your ad:

  • limit your ad to 500 characters including spaces
  • indicate the teaching location (for example: morning, evening)
  • indicate duration of teaching (for example: 2 x 45 minutes)
  • state the minimum rate of pay based on a 45-minute teaching session.

Please enter your details and your ad text here:

Your billing details

Contact person*
Street address*
Postal code*
Email address*

Your advertisement

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Your ad text. Tip: Please include some contact details. (The contact details above are only for billing purposes. If you do not add contact details here, it will be assumed that you want the above details to be used in your ad.)

Please select from the following payment modules for your job:

Session (45 min.) rates starting at €
Salary starting at (Please give some indication of starting salary):

Membership status and payment

I am a member of MELTA. I agree to pay € 30.
I am NOT a member of MELTA. I agree to pay € 60.
I am NOT a member of MELTA but wish to become one. I will fill out the online application form. I agree to pay € 30 for my ad.


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