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Blended teaching with Moodle

25 April 2009

Gasteig, Lernstudio, 3.144A

3:00-6:00 p.m.

Anne Hodgson

Are you interested in how to teach students in a virtual online learning environment? It can be a fun and effective way to get students to practice the four skills outside your classroom. A virtual learning environment can also help you with your course management. The key to making a success of it is to provide students with interesting and productive tasks and various kinds of feedback, as well as opportunities to enjoy being part of a virtual learning community moderated by you, the teacher. Moderated online learning should be only a part of your course, the rest taking place in the real classroom and outside the classroom in the “real world”.

A popular platform currently available to VHS and LMU FFP teachers is Moodle. It provides you with “empty virtual classrooms” that you can fill at will with pictures, videos, texts and audio, and lets your students upload their written work to be marked by you. It also provides communication opportunities for the students.

In this workshop, experiment with the platform, creating tasks and writing feedback to form your own opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of this type of learning.

To enjoy this workshop, you should have the following skills:

  • Have you ever registered for a website, such as Amazon or MELTA?
  • Have you ever posted your profile on a social networking site like Facebook or Xing?
  • Have you ever written in a forum or on a Facebook “wall”?
  • Can you tell what kind of file you are looking at from the filename?
  • Have you ever created a pdf file?
  • Have you ever downloaded pdf, picture, audio or video files from the internet?
  • Have you ever uploaded such files as attachments to email, forums, social networking sites, flickr etc.?
  • Have you ever made an interactive quiz with Hot Potatoes?

If you have done most of these things in the past, this workshop will activate your skills as we focus on the didactics of enabling task-based learning in an online environment and get down to the business of creating appropriate tasks.

To take part in the course, please register in advance.

Please send:

Your first and last name and your e-mail address to:


Update Thursday, 23 April: Due to the number of registrations, registration for this course has now been closed.

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