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MELTA News is published three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn and is circulated to all MELTA members. The magazine reflects the professional interests of the organisation with articles on a broad range of ELT topics contributed by MELTA members.

A typical issue contains reviews of MELTA workshops and papers on topical and regional issues in the world of ELT. Book reviews and tried and tested teaching ideas provide tangible support, as does a regular column on harnessing the internet for teaching.  As the principle means of communcation with the membership there is always news from the committee, interviews with members and listings of upcoming events.

The editor welcomes contributions from any of our members at any time of the year. The editorial deadlines are February 15th, June 15th and October 15th.

MELTA News Submission Guidelines

MELTA News is published in black and white at A4 size.  You can familiarise yourself with the layout by viewing a recent issue on the website.

  • Submit your article in Microsoft Word or a compatible format.
  • Please add a topline, a heading (headline) and a lead-in.  This is the text that introduces an article.
  • Choose an interesting quote for highlighting from the article.
  • Use italics for emphasis, non-English words and book titles.
  • Format the article in the general way you would like to see it in print so that the editorial team has an idea of what you have in mind.
  • Use single spacing between sentences and paragraphs.
  • Submit pictures, illustrations and tables separately.
  • Submit high-resolution pictures (300dpi or above).  Most digital cameras will take high-resolution pictures by default.
  • Add biographical data for the contributor’s page.
  • Use single quotes.
  • Spellcheck your document.
  • A column in MELTA News is approx. 250 words long. One page is thus 750 words long.
  • Send your copy to

Advertising in MELTA News


in one issue

in two issues
(per ad per issue)

in three issues
(per add per issue)

Back cover €240 €220 €200
Full page €180 (€160*) €170 (€150*) €160 (€140*)
Half-page €100 €90 €80
Half-column €50 (members €25) €45 (members €22.50) €40 (members €20)

Inserts at page rate

*2 pages in one issue

MELTA News is published three times a year, in spring, summer and autumn.  The editorial deadlines for these issues are February 15th, June 15th and October 15th respectively. We have a circulation of approx. 350.

For further information on advertising please contact Joan Walsh, MELTA advertising coordinator (089) 98 51 02 or mail .

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