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Room numbers not indicated will be announced nearer to the time of the event. Many of our events are held at the Gasteig, in its VHS and library building. You can ask for the room number at the "Infothek" counter at the top of the escalator (or consult the list on the board on the right at the entrance to the Gasteig).


For those of you new to Munich, Gasteig is one of the main cultural centres in Munich, situated on the corner of "Am Gasteig" and "Rosenheimerstraße" and at the S-Bahn station "Rosenheimer Platz" (between "Ostbahnhof" and "Isartor"). We are, as always, gratefully indebted to the Munich VHS (Volkshochschule) for the use of their rooms and equipment.

Upcoming events are posted here and on the MELTA Forum. Members will also receive an upcoming events update from the MELTA Events Coordinator via e-mail, asking them to register, also by e-mail or via the MELTA Forum. MELTA workshops are included in the annual membership fee. Non-members are welcome to join us but will be charged (unless otherwise indicated) €10 for a half-day and €15 for a full-day workshop. Non-members who are interested in attending an event should contact the MELTA Events Coordinator via .

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