12 Jul 2015 16:25 | Anonymous

On 25 June, MELTA and MaWSIG hosted a meetup in the Paulaner Bräuhaus beergarden in Munich. This was an opportunity for ELT professionals with an interest in materials writing, to get together and network. Commissioning editors Gillian Bathmaker, Claudia Schwarz-Brownbill and Anne Grimm from Klett were there, as well as Business Spotlight editor-in-chief Ian McMaster, and Dietmar Bohm from Helbling Languages.

The evening got underway with a pub quiz, compiled and run by Eamonn Fitzgerald. With five rounds of challenging questions, the quiz was a fun way to break the ice and get people talking to the other people in their team. There was plenty of time to mingle and network after the quiz, and the room was loud with chatter.

At the end of the evening as people were leaving, many mentioned what a good idea it is to have such a networking event, especially as there isn’t always enough time to talk and meet people after MELTA workshops or talks. We were also asked how often we organize such events, when the next one would be, and whether we could do speed meeting next time.

This was only the second MaWSIG meetup, the first having been held in London in November last year. It was the first in Munich, and judging on how well the meetup was attended and received, not the last!

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